Company History

Company History

A Company Born from a Desire to Protect

Helping our customers and the community at large stay secure is a sentiment that has been close to the heart of the company since its founding in 1991. The original company was founded in Lafayette, Louisiana by a couple of members of the local law enforcement who realized the value of a good lock for security, and also that there were times when being able to quickly and effectively open a door could save someone’s life. They decided to create Pop-A-Lock, a mobile locksmithing service that could provide skilled and certified individuals who could open or replace locks depending on the current need.
Now, over 30 years later, what started out as a small company has spread across the nation and franchises can be found in 39 out of the 50 states. 

Our Locksmith Technology

Making strides in Technological Advancement through innovation and Connection

Locks have been around for thousands of years, and their designs are constantly evolving as new technology both for making locks and opening locks continues to be developed. In this ever-changing market on security is it vital that a locksmith stay up-to-date on current and upcoming developments in locksmith technology.

A more recent addition to the field of locksmith is that of those associated with vehicles. Each year brings new challenges as manufacturers come up with new ways to keep cars in the hands of their customers and out of the hands of carjackers.  Pop-A-Lock has developed good relations with some of the leading researchers in automotive technology. Through these connections, our company has access to the latest and most effective tools for programming keys, remotes, and immobilizer technology, as well as prime information to help us understand the complicated security systems that automobiles have nowadays.

We also use special technology to help us manage our routes to make sure that we always have our closest people heading to help our customers. This state-of-the-art communications and mapping system helps us stay on the ball all day, every day.

We use technology to assess the durability of our equipment and supply our technicians with accurate information on the best way to efficiently service all kinds of different locks from those that keep your car secure to the ones used in homes and commercial buildings. Our use of amazing technology is just one more way that we ensure that the services we provide to our customers are effective and consistent.