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In the old days, vehicles of all kinds could easily be opened with simple tools, however, in this new age of electric locks and computer-integrated engines the old “coat hanger trick” doesn’t work half as well as it used to, though it still has a high likelihood of damaging your paint, or worse. 

At Pop-A-Lock San Francisco we focus on “key” issues, both those involving real keys like when you are locked out of your vehicle or need a key replacement, and other regularly occurring problems like dead batteries and roadside assistance. 

Call Pop-A-Lock San Francisco to get help or a quote, and avoid the potential damages that may happen from trying to “break” into your car.

Call Pop-A-Lock San Francisco to get help or a quote.

Locked your keys in the car?

Pop-A-Lock will come to you!

If you find that you are stuck looking at your keys through the window of a locked car door,  then you have come to the right place. While this may seem like a perfect time to try out that life hack that you saw on social media, we recommend calling in a professional. Not only can we guarantee that we can get your door open faster, but our technicians have the proper tools and training to do it in a way that will protect your vehicle from getting damaged in the process. 

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Smart Key Duplication & Programming

We have the capacity to duplicate or replace virtually every make & model of smart key.

Is your smart key wearing out, damaged, or lost? Whatever your reason for wanting a new smart key you don’t want to get it made at a dealership. Dealerships often charge a hefty sum to create spare smart keys. Luckily, Pop-A-Lock San Francisco has the necessary equipment to cut and program your key fob, and we do it a fraction of the cost of most dealerships. If you need a new smart key, call a Pop-A-Lock San Francisco technician now!

Call Pop-A-Lock San Francisco to get help or a quote.

Car Battery Replacement

Need a new battery? We can bring one to you.

If you are in need of a new car battery then look no further than Pop-A_Lock San Francisco: the premier roadside vendor mobile battery service. Give us a call to schedule your battery service, or fill or click the button below for more information.