San Francisco Car Door Unlocking

Pop-A-Lock Cares About Your Kids!

Pop-A-Lock is a 24-hour service that is here for you.

If you are a parent or caretaker of small children, or even youth or adults with disabilities then there may come a time where your charge is trapped in a locked vehicle. At Pop-A-Lock San Francisco, we know how troubling and potentially dangerous these situations can be, so we proudly offer a program called PALSavesKids. This free program is offered to anyone who has accidentally locked a loved one in a car.

If your loved one is locked in the car then follow these steps. First, call your local authorities, then call Pop-A-Lock. We will immediately send the nearest technician to help. We offer this service for free as we truly care about our amazing community and want to keep everyone safe.

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Locked Trunks

Keys locked in the trunk? No sweat we got you covered.

Getting into a locked trunk is a whole different ballgame, but the technicians at Pop-A-Lock San Francisco have the expertise and tools to get them open. If your trunk takes more than pressing a button to open it, and your keys are locked inside, call us and we’ll send out one of our automotive experts to get you in. Use our speedy, affordable, mobile services today!

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Lost Key Return Tags

Do you have a habit of misplacing your keys? Or perhaps you would like to be better prepared for that possibility? We have a key return program designed to save you time, trouble, and money – and it only takes two simple steps to join.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Car Door Unlocking

We care about your safety.

Pop-A-Lock was founded with the goal of helping create safer communities. If you are locked out of your vehicle, whether at your home, in a parking garage, at the grocery store, or anywhere else, we want you to know that we prioritize your safety. 
After calling Pop-A-Lock make sure that you have a secure location to wait for our technician to arrive. Our technician will communicate with you about their arrival time, and any changes or delays through your cell phone. When they do arrive you will be able to recognize them right away by the company branding on the vehicle, and the uniform of the technician.
We take all these steps because we want to make sure that you know that your safety matters to us.

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We Do Commercial Automotive Services As Well!

If you are the owner of a commercial fleet and are looking for a locksmith, then you are in luck. We are fully equipped, insured, and licensed to service commercial fleet vehicles. Along with our locksmithing services we can also duplicate smart keys, transponder keys and VAT keys, at a cheaper price than most dealerships.


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