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As important as they are to a person’s daily routine, car keys are one of the most repeatedly misplaced and lost items that people own. It is for this reason that most people have at least one spare. However, getting more spare keys is costly, so finding the lost key or keys is preferable when possible.

Unfortunately, finding one’s keys isn’t always as simple as checking under the coffee table, or between the couch cushions. When they get lost on a hiking trail in a public area, or during travel the chances of you finding them first, if at all, can be really slim. It is possible that someone else will find them, but even if they do find your keys there is no guarantee that they will know how to return them to you.

The Pop-A-Lock key return program helps remedy these situations by giving your keys the same freedom of return through the mail that wallets have. All you have to do is sign up, make sure the key return tag is on your key ring, and then register the tag with your contact information. 
After that, all someone has to do is drop your keys in the mail, and the US Postal Service can return them directly to your mailbox.

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If you are worried about paying for the postage, you don’t to. Pop-A-Lock will pay it for you with no purchase necessary from your side.  Just sign up for our free Key Return service and we will send you a key return tag for free.

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