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Commercial Fleets

Do you have a commercial fleet and wish there was an easier way to take car of your vehicle security than going through the manufacturer? Well, there is. Pop-A-Lock San Francisco has our own fleet of professionally trained and licensed technicians with specialized equipment who are ready to help you and your people stay secure and safe on the road.

Our locksmiths are experts at fast and efficient lockout services, lock rekeying, lock repair and installation, and ignition repair and installation. If you have a fleet vehicle that is in need of any of these services then we invite you to call Pop-A-Lock San Francisco today.

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Smart Key Duplication and Programming

When running a fleet of vehicles there are few things as crucial as making sure that you know where your vehicle’s keys are and that they work. Having extras on hand is nice, but dealerships often charge large amounts of money to make them.  At Pop-A-Lock San Francisco, we have machines and codes that allow us to duplicate a key for almost every make and model on the market, and we do it faster and cheaper than most dealerships.  An additional perk is that our business is mobile and has a large service area, so as long as you are in Alameda or Contra Costa County we can create your key, and even bring it to you.

With all smart keys, it is important to verify that the key fob you intend to buy is one that can be programmed to all cars. Not all fobs are compatible with all programming. If you reach out to us we can help you find one from our selection, or guide you to one that can purchase on your own that will work with your vehicle.

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Ignition Repair and Key Extraction

If you have a vehicle whose key is getting sticky in the door or ignition, is having a hard time catching, or is visibly showing signs of severe wear, then it may be time to have your vehicle’s key replaced. Worn keys are prone to bending and breaking, and replacing them before that happens makes creating a duplicate much easier. 

In some cases where the key and ignition are so worn and warped that creating a new key is impossible,  you may end up needing the ignition repaired or replaced. This is especially likely with older vehicles that still have the original key and ignition that they were built with.

Pop-A-Lock San Francisco has the proper tools, and our technicians have the official training to not only repair, replace, and rekey both car ignitions and locks, but also safely extract broken keys from your ignition.

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