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Our Locksmithing Services

Our highest priority has always been the protection of our clients and their families, so Pop-A-Lock San Francisco provides many services that help your family stay safe and secure.  No matter what locksmithing needs you have in your home, we are sure that our trained technicians can help. We do everything from lock rekeying to lockout services,  to lock repair and installation. We even do electronic locks. 

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What is Lock Rekeying?

Especially good for new move-ins

One of the most common concerns about moving into a home that was previously occupied by someone else is that it impossible to know who else might have access to your home.  At Pop-A-Lock San Francisco we have two methods to help remove this worry. The first, and more expensive option is that we can change out the locks on your doors for new, never before used hardware. The second, less expensive, and less known option is to rekey your locks.

Door locks, like most locks, function on a series of pins that are hidden within the mechanism. The key is cut in a certain way to trigger the correct pins, which springs the lock. However, it is possible with most house locks to change the arrangement of the pins so that they fit a new key. The process is simple, but it does require some specific tools, all of which we have.  This process is much cheaper because you only need to purchase new keys, and not the rest of the hardware.

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Lock Repair and Installation

Don't let a broken lock keep you up at night.

If you have a broken lock or suspect that someone outside of those that you trust may have access to a key to your home, then you will want a professional locksmith to come and inspect your lock. Our technicians have the training to see if a lock is working correctly or may have been tampered with. 

While our installation fees do vary depending on a variety of factors, we can guarantee that our technicians will be fast and that they will correctly install or repair your locks. You can trust our certified technicians to have your family’s security as their top priority while working on your lock. 

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Electronic Locks

Making your home conveniently secure.

Many people are switching to electronic locks because it removes the need to keep track of keys, while still supplying their home with a high-level of security, sometimes more so than the normal lock.
Most electronic locks use a deadbolt locking mechanism which is more difficult to get open than your average handle lock.

Electronic locks can also be locked via a code with buttons, and some even have Bluetooth capabilities. They generally run on batteries and will warn you if the battery is running low. In the case that the battery dies, many electronic locks have built-in security features to enable the homeowner to still have access to their house.

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